Gerry Hofstetter lives and works in Zumikon, Switzerland and Los Angeles,

USA. With his international company in Switzerland, he is specializes in light art, communications, events, design and film productions. As world-renowed artist, he

is the innovator of light art and transforms buildings, monuments, and natural

landscapes throughout the world into temporary works of art with his spectacular light projections. Gerry has a wide range of educations and trainings. As a former head of investment banking, he holds several degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, Swiss Banking School and has a Helicopter Pilot license. In the Swiss Armed Forces, he was a Mountain Special Forces Captain and instructor for Special Operations in Mountain Warfare and Combat Search and Rescue. He also trained international elite troops in these fields, including US Marines and US Navy Seals. Gerry’s incredible experiences in wide ranges of extraordinary fields are helping him to realise complex endeavours and expeditions to implement light art projects of all sizes around the globe. His creativity is a guarantee that clients will have their message in the spotlight. With his illuminations, Gerry encourages the beholder to contemplate how our planet can develop in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner for living in peace together.

Céline Hofstetter lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. She always had a passion for art, travel and creativity. At a young age, she began traveling around the world with her father Gerry Hofstetter doing light art installations. Her globe-trotting taught her to appreciate not only the physical beauty

of other countries, but the beauty of the

people she encountered. She studies the aspects of the local culture, from the intricacies of their languages to the pride

of they harbor for their heritage. It is from these interactions that Céline is able to create with her US company tailored light installations that represent each unique culture she has encountered. Educated in Switzerland and USA, Céline combines her Business Marketing degree and film studies with her cultural appreciation to create

light art installations touching the heart

of the people.

Hayes Group’s President and CEO, Jenny

N. Tran, is an accomplished business leader who takes pride in being involved in the management of all Hayes events. Jenny works with a team of logistics specialists who provide services for events ranging from intimate meetings to large-scale functions including the Washington

National Cathedral Centennial Celebration and Presidential inauguration events. During her 15 year tenure with Hayes Group, Jenny has thrived in creating extraordinary events while developing expert knowledge of Washington’s political and military communities.

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