Entered the Union as No. 10 on 25th June 1788

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George Washington’s Mount Vernon

at Mount Vernon


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27th Sept 2017

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Switzerland has long been known as a center for finance and banking, as well as

a producer of elite products, from chocolate to watches to machinery. George Washington—an accomplished farmer and a savvy general—admired and benefitted from the Swiss on both fronts. In a 1764 letter to Robert Carey, who often procured goods for the future president, George Washington inquired about “an engine lately

One of the most iconic homes in America. The Estate of a Virginia gentleman, planter, leader, General and first President of the United Nation of America, George Washington.

constructed, I believe in Switzerland…

for taking trees up the roots.”

When his army needed critical financial funding during the American Revolution, General Washington received assistance from Jacques Necker, a native of Switzerland, who helped secure resources from the French King. A bust of Necker is now displayed in George Washington’s

study at Mount Vernon.

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