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Entered the Union as No. 37 on 1st March 1867

Scotts Bluff has served as a landmark for people from Native Americans to emigrants on the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express Trails to modern travelers.

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Karl Bodmer, a painter and artist from Zurich, Switzerland, was asked by the German Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied to join him from 1832 – 1834 on a scientific expedition to the Upper Missouri. The illustrations that Karl Bodmer created for the Prince’s travel journal rank as masterpieces in the representation of the Northern American continent and it’s indigenous people. He is best known in the United States as a painter who captured the American West of the 19th century. This kind of expedition was globally the last one

Photography was invented and painters were no longer needed. The pictures used for the projections are owned by the city of Zurich and are displayed at the NONAM North American Native Museum of the city.


More pictures and illustrations of this US culture treasure created by the Swiss Karl Bodmer are presented in the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

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